Wrightsville Beach





















Enjoy a 45 minute cruise north up the IntraCoastal waterway, with its breathtaking views of the pristine shoreline, bays, and creeks. Upon arriving in the Wrightsville Beach area you can choose what you are in the mood to experience. There are multiple waterfront restaurants to choose from, or we can just float around the islands checking out the scenery, yachts, and beautiful homes. There are areas of the North end of Masonboro Island that are easily accessible from Wrightsville Beach where we can stop off and let you swim or just to walk the beach and look for seashells. The North end of Masonboro tends to be a "hot spot" for boaters galore on the weekends in the summer. We can hang there if that is your cup of tea or if you would prefer a more secluded area we can always find one. 


A favorite stop in Wrightsville is Palm Island, a tidal sandbar that started as a joke and now is a legitimate destination, with its artificial palm tree and parking meter that is fully equipped with a boat cleat. Its a fun spot to stop for a swim or photo op, and is always good for a laugh. 


The route not only offers great views of nature but also of many luxurious homes. Want to check out some real estate by water? We can make it a fun day for you, instead of driving around all day in the car, let us take you on a boat ride to your destination's dock instead.