Meet Your Personal Tour Guides and Planners


Mike and Heather Perry


Mike first moved to Carolina Beach 20 years ago and began his relationship with the water as part of the Carolina Beach Ocean Rescue squad. From there he travelled the country, working with the ski patrol in Aspen Colorado and flipping pizzas in the Cascades of Oregon, with several other stops along the way. While Mike was gaining his experience from the college of life, Heather was learning and growing towards her BA from Mary Baldwin University where she graduated with a Business Degree. Meanwhile continuing her education with companies such as Franklin Covey, John Maxwell, and The Gallop Organization.


After returning from his travels, Mike settled in Alexandria, Virginia and continued his family’s tradition of serving as a firefighter. This is also where Heather grew up, and where the two of them met and fell in love. She too has a passion for travel, and the sea, she also has a deep love for her family, friends, and people in general. She will find a way to make you feel special. Together they have created a beautiful life, helping each other and the people around them smile, laugh, love, and appreciate every moment on this precious planet.

In 2011, Mike and Heather moved back to the beach! After giving countless tours for a few years to their family and friends who had not yet explored this area, they realized their passions for sharing the experience with others. It is such a blessing to share the beauty and wonders of Mother Nature with new eyes. Following their hearts, they decided to start Island Hopper Tours in 2013. The two worked great together as a team to cover all aspects, meanwhile gaining their Master Captains Licensing, and truly enjoying every day with every person they met. They look forward to meeting YOU next! 

In 2019 they continued their journey of growth and discovery which has moved them to the island of St Thomas, they planned this move for several years, meanwhile visiting to get a lay of the land for years. They have loved exploring, hiking, and boating to find all of the best spots in the Islands to share with You. Learn from their experiences and have them share their journey of discovery with You and your loved one! Let them plan the perfect day (or days) for your next trip!

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